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Just a short note to thank you for the fantastic work you’ve done copying our family VHS & BETA tapes to DVD; and my slides onto DVD, as well as the SD card. With regard to my slides, I’ve expressed to you the time and effort I have put into them. Travels to capture some of the most picturesque scenes in the world, multiple costly exposures and hours of editing have made me very proud and “guarded”of my collection. Candidly, I had reservations as to whether you could copy onto DVD and SD card the quality of the original slides I required. However, after the initial review of the work you’ve done so far, I will tell you, without any reservation, that you have not only captured the original quality but have, in many instances, enhanced that quality!

I don’t know how exactly you did it, but I am beyond pleased with the results. You have exceeded my expectations. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You not only have successfully, with artistry and quality, transferred our family tapes onto handier and longer lasting DVD’s, but you have offered much relief and satisfaction with regard to my treasured slides. Viewing the slides through the SD card onto our giant HDTV screen is absolutely mind-blowing!

Thanks again for your great service and product.

Vince Libbon

Bruce and I just watched the dvd…oh my gosh you are so talented, your creative touch was genius, the interviews were so touching, we cried (yup wolfy did too) listening to the wonderful comments and stories our relatives and friends shared (we had NO idea what you were up to :-). It was so wonderful to SEE what happened that day…it was all a blurr … of people … of emotions ( I tried to keep under control) … lots of feelings – we felt the safety of our own home to let the tears flow tonight and they did!

We can not thank you enough for capturing the feelings, the emotions of Kelly and David’s wedding day.

Bruce and Colleen

Just wanted to be sure I’ve thanked you for Mom’s story; several people have said what a wonderful treasure it is and will be.  Thanks, too, for the copies to send to my nieces.

Also, just yesterday, a couple of people said they’d like to do something like that.  I thought you’d like to know that you’re an inspiration.

Thanks so much and have a great day,
Grayce  Mayhew