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All program material, whether audio, video, or phots are delivered on digital optical media. That is, CD or DVD. Analog media is available and would be a special order (yes, we still have video tapes available).

Photography & Video Packages

Basic wedding video shoot: $600.
One videographer with two video cameras. Four hours maximum. $75.00 per hour for more time. Final product is edited in Adobe Premier and looks like a TV program. Clean cuts, Cool titles.

Basic Photo Shoot: $600.
Same as above except that the photos are run through Adobe Photoshop. Approx. about 250 photos.

Medium video shoot: $950.
Two videographers with three video cameras. Five hours covers one hour before the ceremony up to the garter and bouquet toss which complete the formal events of the reception.

Medium photo shoot: $850
Same as above but includes two photographers. Approx. 500 photos total.

Combo Package: $1450
One photographer and two videographers (with up to four video cameras). From one hour before the ceremony to all the major events of the reception. Approx.
five hours.

Combo Package HD: $1850
Same as above except the final product is shot in high definition.
The final finished DVDs will work on standard equipment.

Combo Package HD Deluxe: $2450
Two photographers and three videographers (with up to five video cameras). The end product would be Blue Ray DVDs for video and CDs for the photos. The end product here will probably look better than your average prime time TV program. This package pays special attention to interviews. Although informal interviews are conducted when possible in all our packages.

Engagement photos shoot: $200
Informal, funny, and classy done either in our studio with
a green screen or at your favorite place. (2 hours)

Please be aware that we can structure a package to your exact needs. These packages can be adjusted to take care of your particular circumstances.


Other Services

Film Transfers
For quantities over 1000 feet:8mm and super 8mm film transfers @ .10 a foot. 16mm @ .12 a foot. For smaller quantities: .14 a foot for 8mm, super 8, and 16mm.

Photos and Slides Transferred to video @.35 each.
Digital manipulation of image (color correction, contrast etc.) @.15 each

Extra Titles and Captions above and beyond the standard beginning and ending titles @ $2.50 each.

Video Editing
$39.00 an hour.

Music Generic (elevator)
Music included in film transfers. Custom audio dub @$20.00 per hour (narration).

Transfering your old videos to new DVDs is $10 per video hour. You only pay for actual video. Blank tape will not count against you. If you have tons of old media, special prices can be arranged. Give us a call.

DVD Duplication
Prices for extra copies are dependent on quantity and length of tape. If you just need one or two, the default price is $10. Or click here (duplication) .