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CD-Rom Transfers, DVD Conversions & Time Capsules

In a world of multitudinous medias, CDs and DVDs are the closest thing we have to eternal life. That is, their shelf life is indefinite. Your great-grand child one hundred years from now will be able to view images of your wedding as long as you have the foresight to move those pictures, films, etc. onto a CD or DVD. They are the closest thing we have today to a “fullproof” time capsule.

CDs hold about 22 minutes of full screen video, single layer DVDs hold about 2 hours of full screen video, and dual layer DVDs hold about four hours of full screen video. CDs can hold hundreds of images, so if you’re interested in saving those precious slides and snapshots, CD/DVD transfers are the way to go. These optical media types are also relatively inexpensive so
making extra copies will not send you to the poor house.

The VHS standard (regular VCR tape) calls for tapes with a shelf life of seven years. With any luck at all you should get fifteen years out of a good quality high grade tape. After that the actual tape coating becomes detached from the polyester backing and you get all sorts of non-fun problems. It’s not uncommon to see so much iron oxide fall off that the remaining tape in the cartridge looks like it should be on an industrial Scotch Tape dispenser.

So please move those memories to optical media. It’s cheap, it’s effective, and it’s long lasting.
Yes your Memories will become Time Capsules.